Appellate law is a unique and challenging area of practice, very different from courtroom trial work. Appellate law is not so much an area of specialized knowledge, as it is a specialized set of skills. The appellate lawyer must be skilled at working with a limited set of facts – the trial court record – and a limited set of legal issues – those that arise from the trial judge's rulings.

The appellate lawyer must work within the narrow confines of the record to prepare a written attack or defense of the trial court's rulings and argue this position to a panel of judges. Appellate lawyers must identify the right issues and clearly, concisely, and persuasively apply the law to those issues. In appellate practice, the written word is supreme, supported by the ability to converse with several judges at once during oral argument. Stepping to the podium before three (or more) higher court judges armed with nothing but a few pages of notes is not for the faint of heart.

The Kendo Dulaney Difference:

Kendo Dulaney Law has great experience in all aspects of appellate practice in Ohio courts. Andrew Engel successfully argued the watershed Schwartzwald case in the Ohio Supreme Court. Each of our lawyers has been through the rigors of arguing before an appeals court. Through this combined experience, Kendo Dulaney Law removes the mystery from the appeals process to secure the best outcome for our clients.